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Let’s face it, a dentist’s office full of strangers and noisy equipment can be a scary place for children. At Brooklyn Cosmetic Dentist, Eddy Gindi, DMD, specializes in treating young patients, putting them at ease with his friendly bedside manner. From regular check-ups and fillings to emergency dentistry, Dr. Gindi provides expert pediatric dentistry to young patients in Brooklyn, New York and West Long Branch, New Jersey. To get started on your child’s dental care, call one of the two locations or fill out the form online to schedule an appointment.

Pediatric Dentistry Q & A

Why should I seek a pediatric dentist?

To start your child out right when it comes to dental care, a pediatric dentist helps in several ways because they:

  • Are trained to put children at ease
  • Understand the importance of preventive care
  • Lay the groundwork for a lifetime of good oral care
  • Mitigate any problems that arise when permanent teeth come in
  • Quickly stop tooth decay
  • Provide early evaluation of the alignment of your child’s teeth

While a pediatric dentist like Dr. Gindi performs many valuable functions, among his most important is the education he imparts during your regular visits. These lessons ensure a lifetime of good dental health because the more your child understands the importance of dental care, the more they will better look after their teeth.

When should my child start coming in for visits?

Dr. Gindi sees children five years and older. Before this time, you should seek infant care as soon as your child’s first tooth comes in. Once your child reaches 5, it’s critical that they receive regular care for their baby teeth and guidance as their secondary teeth come in. Baby teeth typically start to fall out around six or seven years old, and Dr. Gindi monitors this to ensure the permanent teeth come in correctly.

Which services fall under pediatric care?

One of the most important services is your child’s regular check-up with Dr. Gindi. A child’s teeth are critical for learning to chew and speak properly. Through regular check-ups, which include X-rays, you can be sure your child has the best teeth possible.

If Dr. Gindi spots a cavity, early intervention is critical when it comes to new teeth. Dr. Gindi quickly stops the decay from progressing further with fillings, which allows them to develop without interruption.

As the permanent teeth arrive, Dr. Gindi may discover a problem with a tooth that’s coming in incorrectly or that’s impacted. In these cases, he can swiftly extract the tooth to allow the others to erupt correctly.

To get started on your child’s pediatric dentistry, call Brooklyn Cosmetic Dentist or use the online scheduling tool to book an appointment.

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