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When you were a kid, a gap-toothed grin was adorable as you waited for your “real” teeth to come in. As an adult, losing one of these teeth is no longer as attractive, and it can have a widespread effect on your overall dental health. At Brooklyn Cosmetic Dentist, Eddy Gindi, DMD, helps his patients fill the gap with dental implants, which provide long-lasting and great-looking solutions for missing teeth. To learn more, call one of the two locations in Brooklyn, New York, or West Long Branch, New Jersey, or use the online scheduler to book an appointment.

Dental Implants Q & A

What is a dental implant?

If you’ve lost a tooth, a dental implant replaces it in both form and function, right down to the root. An implant differs from other prosthetic solutions because a post surgically implants into your jawbone, which provides excellent stability as your jawbone grows up around it.

With the post in position, the next step is placing an artificial tooth over the implant. Dr. Gindi offers crowns made of porcelain, a material that mimics the look of natural teeth. Porcelain is also durable, allowing you to use your dental implant as you would any other tooth for years to come.

Why do I need an implant?

The loss of a tooth is much more than a cosmetic concern, but, depending upon the location of the tooth, cosmetics may be reason enough. If you lose a tooth, you also lose the root below, which is how your tooth attaches to your jawbone.

Bone is living tissue, so if you fail to replace your tooth, the bone in the area is no longer stimulated and may start to deteriorate. This deterioration causes your existing teeth to shift, rendering them less stable. This domino effect is what eventually leads to a sunken-mouth look.

An implant holds the place of the root and stimulates the bone in the area, giving you a tooth that’s practically as strong as your original one. And the implant prevents your teeth from shifting, keeping your smile intact.

If needed, dental implants also act as anchors for bridges and dentures, giving your prosthetic teeth something substantial to grab.

If you’re missing a tooth, Dr. Gindi helps you investigate all of your possibilities, including dental implants, during your visit.

How is the implant placed?

First, you visit Dr. Gindi so that he can take an impression and pictures of the area, which he sends to a lab. The lab then custom-mills a crown to match your existing teeth.

Next, Dr. Gindi sends you to an oral surgeon to have a titanium post surgically implanted into your jawbone. This post mimics your roots to provide excellent stability for your new tooth. Once your jawbone accepts the post, you return to Dr. Gindi when your crown is ready.

Dr. Gindi places the crown over the post and makes any necessary tweaks to ensure you’re comfortable and that your bite is aligned.

If you’re interested in a dental implant, call Brooklyn Cosmetic Dentist or fill out the form online for an appointment.

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